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Group of Companies NIKOCHEM is one of the leaders of Russian chemical industry ranking the first in Russia for production of solid caustic soda, chlorinated paraffins, synthetic hydrochloric acid and commodity chlorine, the second for production of liquid caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite, the third for PVC production. The main productive assets of the Company are located on the industrial site in Volgograd based on the largest enterprises of the Group – JSC KAUSTIK and JSC PLASTKARD. Except these enterprises JSC NIKOMAG which produces magnesian products, JSC PLASTCAB and CJSC SOLIGRAN, manufacturers of flexible PVC and rigid PVC compositions, LLC ECC, which produces household products, LLC VTC, which is a transportation and logistics company, are parts of the holding.
Nikochem pays special attention to the development of Volgograd site, where the main productive assets of the Group are concentrated on. The main line of development is construction of multi-product chemical industrial park on its territory. The concept of its foundation is collocation of various new producing units (including those based on innovative technologies) which could use each other’s production as raw materials in their processes as well as reduce infrastructure maintenance expenses by means of shared operating.
The Group possesses a unique raw materials base. This includes natural raw material (bischofite and rock salt deposits) and a wide range of released products – caustic soda, chlorine, chloroorganic products, vinyl-based polymers, etc. The Company is provided with uninterruptible power and water supply, moreover the resources are cheaper if compared to Europe.
The production site of the Group NIKOCHEM in Volgograd has well-developed infrastructure: a great number of spare manufacturing buildings, two independent electrical power supplies, water-treatment system, high and low pressure steam from TETS-3, which is incorporated in RAO Unified Energy System of the Russian Federation and is leased out by the Group at the present time, freeze of various characteristics of five refrigerating plants and modern biological treatment plants. Vigorous environmental base: treatment facilities, pollution abatement system is also provided.

Negotiations with the leading world chemicals manufacturers interested in the territorial expansion of spheres of interest in the market of the Russian Federation have been conducted as a part of implementation of chemical park conception. Furthermore, the negotiations with shareholders of JSC Southern Territorial Generating Company No. 8 have been carried on with the intent of forming proprietary energy base of the chemical park and for the first time it was decided that the chemical enterprise would lease out TETS; on 1st August, 2007 Board of Directors of JSC Southern TGC No. 8 approved signing of TETS-3 lease contract with JSC KAUSTIK. Thus firstly, electrical and heat power generation would be supplied for chlorine production at cost and, secondly, termination of simple partnership agreement would increase financial statements transparency of JSC KAUSTIK and JSC PLASTKARD.
In 2007 the Group NIKOCHEM started working at the system of preparing financial statements in accordance with international standards. Actions for adoption of IAS have been taken at every enterprise of the Group.
In order to fulfill the goal the Group employ external consultants of Ernst & Young Company, possessing significant experience in similar work, conduct International Accounting Standards training of employees so that hereinafter the enterprises of the Group would be able to prepare accounting independently in compliance with IAS.

Under implementation of the concept of multiproduct chemical park construction the work is being conducted at a number of the most important and prospective lines of production and investment activities of the Company.
The most burning and high priority lines of innovation policy of the Group are the following:

  • advanced bischofite processing to new marketable and high-purity products;
  • complex chlorine processing with capacity expansion for PVC production, technology development and implementation of various chlorinated polymers productions, including chlorinated PVC;
  • increase of caustic soda processing with manufacture of higher processing products including synthetic raw materials for glass and ceramics industries;
  • cell and diaphragm electrolysis retrofit installation for the purpose of energy and operating costs saving and reduction of mercury emission to the environment;
  • solution of environmental problems of the industrial site: working out various alternatives of recycling and reprocessing of such large-scale residual products as caustic soda brine refining sludges, sulfate brine, calcium chloride production sludges, mercury-containing sewages, spent sulfuric acid, vat fractions of chloroorganic production wastes.









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